1600 Vision SC, DC & WT

Length x Width (Mtr) 4,98 x 2,06
Max persons 5
Weight (kg) 424
Power (HP) 80
Fuel tank (ltr) 45


Every fisherman wants to own a quality boat. With the Crestliner 1600 Vision, that boat is truly yours. It is a fishing boat that can be fully adapted to your needs with the following configurations: side console, double consoles or a walkthrough windshield version.

The Crestliner 1600 Vision has an open and large front deck where you have plenty of space to bring your fish. You can then put it in the 64 liter livewell. The boat contains a lot of storage space for your rods, optional jump seats and a back deck. With the fully welded aluminum hull, you can trust the water with confidence. It does not matter how many fish you catch, it will be an unforgettable day anyway.

The Crestliner 1600 Vision is avaivlable with 3 different consoles, Single Console (SC), Double Concole (DC) or Walk-through Concole (WT).


Default Colors

Black Metallic exterior & Gray interior

Silver Metallic exterior & Gray interior

Bright White exterior & Gray interior


Aerated Bow Livewell

Keep your catch fresh with the 64 ltr. aerated livewell with bait bucket located in the bow.

Stern Casting Platform

A large stern casting platform gives you wide open fishing space, while an optional no-slip interior vinyl provides easy cleaning and sure footing in any condition.

SureMount Gunnel Accessory System

Removable SureMount aluminum accessory brackets lets you slide your favorite accessories along the gunnel for perfect placement without drilling.

Configurable Console Design

Multipe configurations allow you to choose the Vision that's right for you; Side Console, Dual Console and Walk Through windshield.

Full Bow Design

The redesigned bow delivers fishing features like a full casting deck, a spacious livewell, battery storage and dual compartments to keep things where they belong.

Optional colours

Silver Metallic base with Black Metallic accent & Gray interior

Silver Metallic base with True Blue Metallic accent & Gray interior

Silver Metallic base with Fire Red Metallic accent & Gray interior

Bright White base with Black Metallic accent & Gray interior

Bright White base with True Blue Metallic accent & Gray interior

Bright White base with Silver Metallic accent & Gray interior

Bright White base with Fire Red Metallic accent & Gray interior


Jump Seats

Optionele jump-seats aan bakboord en stuurboord bieden plaats aan extra passagiers wanneer dat nodig is, met voldoende opbergruimte om spullen onder op te bergen.!

Vinyl floor

The optional vinyl floor covering dries quickly and is easy to clean.

Custom Travel Cover

Keep your boat in prime condition with the optional custom travel cover.

SureMount fender holder

Attach a fender simple on the SureMount fender holder and place it at any given position in the railing.

SureMount rod holder

Bevestig uw hengelsteun aan de SureMount railing. Eenvoudig te plaatsen en te positioneren waar u wilt. 

SureMount cup holder

Place your cup or bottle in a safe away.

SureMount tool holder

Plaats uw gereedschap veilig in deze houder. Eenvoudig te bevestigen en overal te positioneren aan de SureMount railing.

Ajax powder extinguisher 2 kg

Class A-B-C. With pressure gauge and bracket for vertcal or horizontal storage

Triple rod holder

Store simple an quick max three rods in this vertical rod holder.

Seat exchange

Wissel de standaard Deluxe stoelen in voor de Pro fishing stoelen, voor nog meer comfort.!

Cargo netting

Houd uw visgerei georganiseerd en gemakkelijk toegankelijk met deze opbergnetten in de boeg.

Boat buckle

Ratch for fixation of your boat on the trailer.

Power Pedestal

Exchange the stanard pedestal for a adjustable power pedestal. You can choose to exchange the hel seat pedestal only or all pedestals.