Some of the Crestliner modells

1600 Vision Tiller
Length x Width (Mtr) 4,98 x 2.06
Max persons 5
Weight (kg) 409
Power (HP) 60
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1650 Discovery Tilller & SC
Length x Width (Mtr) 5,03 x 1,92
Max persons 5
Weight (kg) 379
Power (HP) 60
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1750 Fish Hawk (JS) SC & WT
Length x Width (Mtr) 5,41 x 2,41
Max persons 6
Weight (kg) 671 / 685
Power (HP) 150
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Unique Four X-Hull

The Crestliner aluminum boats are beautifully lined, light weight and very durable. Based on almost 70 years of experience in building boats, we have developed a Four-X Hull for the Deep-V boats. This means that the hull is made up of four aluminum panels that are connected to each other by interlocking aluminum profiles and integrated 'spray rails'. This creates a robust water-repelling hull.

Double welded keel

The keel is constructed with the help of a spring and groove profile in one piece. You can see an image of our keel profile above. The aluminum flat panels are placed in the grooves and then the whole is completely welded on the inside and outside. This method of construction ensures that the keel is the strong center of the boat!

Perfect fit

A spring and groove profile is also used for the transition from the plane of the boat to the sides. This interlocking profile ensures a tight line, perfect fit and water-repellent properties. This too is completely canceled.

Completely welded

The hull of the boat is set up and fixed with the aid of a jig. This ensures that the dimensions are the same for every boat. After fixing, the aluminum panels of the surface and the sides are connected to the interlocking profiles. This is done with small tacking. After this, the dimensions are checked again. After approval the entire welding process starts.

Sophisticated finish

Your Crestliner is refined and tightly finished. Sharp edges or excellent pump nails where fishing lines can get stuck, you will certainly not find with your Crestliner. The boat is completely sanded by hand, for a superior adhesion of the primers and paints. The paints are of high quality and partly due to the use of ovens the end result is a durable high-gloss finish.

The best guarantee

Crestliner Deep V boats give a lifetime warranty on the hull. You will also receive a 10-year guarantee on the frame construction of the interior and a 3-year warranty on all other components from the bow to the stern.


The modern design and the innovative way of construction makes the Crestliner one of the most popular Deep-V boats on the market. Our pro-staff team motivates us every time to further develop and professionalise our boats.

Repair and modication

Should your Crestliner Crestliner or other branded aluminum fishing boat be repaired or do you want to modify your boat then we are a partner who thinks along with you and executes it as agreed.

Our mechanics are professional professionals with a wealth of experience. They have all the required approvals and certifications.

Latest News

First Crestliner to the Czech Republic

First Crestliner to the Czech Republic

On the 6 of march the first Crestliner was transported to our new dealer Marine s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.